Management and Operation of Canada's Nuclear Laboratories

The Right Team, Today and Tomorrow

The Canadian National Energy Alliance (CNEA) brings together the proven leadership and management approaches from Jacobs, Fluor, and SNC-Lavalin Inc- the world's leading engineering and technology companies. CNEA was formed to respond to the Government of Canada’s procurement for the ‘Management and Operation of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s (AECL) Nuclear Laboratories.’ The procurement addresses three key objectives for the Government of Canada including: managing Canada’s radioactive waste and decommissioning responsibilities at the Chalk River and Whiteshell Laboratories; ensuring that Canada's world-class nuclear science and technology capabilities and knowledge continue to support the federal government in its nuclear roles and responsibilities; and providing industry access to nuclear science and technology expertise at the Nuclear Laboratories. CNEA was formed to safely transform the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories and secure Canada's role in the global nuclear marketplace.

CNEA has the experience and capability to enhance the strong brand of Canada's nuclear laboratories into a worldclass, multi-program science and technology organization. The CNEA team has the right mix of research and development capabilities to promote a creative innovation agenda. We will support Canada's existing science and technology needs while pursuing global nuclear industries.

CNEA brings together the unparalleled global nuclear operations, site management, decommissioning, and waste management expertise of its four major partners. Collectively, we bring a success oriented entrepreneurial culture and proven past performance that will drive economic growth through value added research and job creation in the communities in which we operate.

Our team brings a legacy of engineering excellence, combined with nuclear expertise and best practices in technology innovation. Our streamlined business operations will enable the transformation of AECL's Laboratories (Now called Canadian Nuclear Laboratories) into forward looking and commercially viable facilities leading Canada's nuclear science and technology agenda. Consortium members have successfully managed national laboratories and nuclear sites with some of the most advanced research, design and production facilities in the world. At the same time, we have managed and operated some of the most complex nuclear decommissioning programs in the world, reducing legacy liabilities and risk to their governments and taxpayers.

The Government of Canada announced its intention to implement a Government-owned, Contractor-operated (GoCo) model for the management of AECL’s Nuclear Laboratories in February 2013. The implementation of Canada’s GoCo model entails two steps. On November 3, 2014, AECL launched a wholly-owned subsidiary named Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) as the first step, to be operated largely with the governance, management systems and workforce that have been in place under AECL. CNL currently assumes full responsibility for all day-to-day operations of the AECL sites. The second step occurs at the conclusion of the Government’s procurement process to select the GoCo contractor, when the GoCo contract is awarded and ownership of CNL is transferred from AECL to the contractor. Transfer to the new GoCo contractor is anticipated in autumn of 2015. At that time, CNL will become a private-sector entity, and AECL will be a small Crown corporation focused on the management and oversight of this contract. AECL will then oversee the performance of the contractual obligations of the contractor. AECL will also continue to retain ownership of the Nuclear Laboratories’ physical and intellectual property assets and its liabilities.

For more information about AECL please visit http://www.aecl.ca/en/home/default.aspx
For more information about CNL please visit http://www.cnl.ca/en/home/default.aspx

CNEA Executive Team

CNEA Board Chair: Jack Craig, Atkins Nuclear Secured
Board Secretary: Jeff Kendall, Atkins Nuclear Secured
Board Treasurer and Board Member: Andrew Panunto, SNC-Lavalin
Carol Wilson-Hodges, Atkins
Bill Shingler, FLUOR
J.D. Dowell, FLUOR
Karen Wiemelt, Jacobs
Peter Nicol, Jacobs