Enabling the Future and Responsibly Managing Liabilities

CNEA brings a commitment to develop a well managed organization with a commercial culture — one that will become more self-sustaining in its science and technology activities, focusing government funding on legacy liability and risk management.

Our core values and approach align with the Government of Canada's objectives. Safety is not only our first priority, but is also an enabler of productivity. We integrate mission-critical assets — the facility, the workforce and the community—and invest in them for the future.

CNEA's Commitment to the Future of AECL's Laboratories and the Work Force

CNEA is committed to the viability of the nuclear supply chain, the local community, and the work force. Our team members' past success is based upon the engagement of incumbent staff and enabling them with the right tools to effect transformational change. CNEA is committed to leveraging and marketing a transformational mission to serve a broader set of clients, domestically and globally to create a sustainable future for Canada's multi-disciplinary, skilled nuclear workforce.